Frequently Asked Questions

You will find answers to all of your most common Electrical Services related questions located here

Common causes of Earth leakage tripping are indicative of a fault either from an appliance, a short circuit or moisture. Please do not try to determine or fix the problem yourself as this could be a dangerous exercise. Rather contact Electrocare911 as soon as possible so that a qualified electrician can assess and assist with an effective solution. 

No hot water doesn’t always mean a burst geyser! A number of electrical faults could result in the geyser not working including wire shorting and weak circuit breakers. If you have no hot water then turn off your geyser at the mains and contact Electrocare911. Our team will quickly determine the fault and ensure you have hot water again in no time. 

A lightning strike to the home can be a very frightening experience. As soon as you suspect that you may have been struck, unplug all appliances and wait for our expert team to assess the damage before trying to work the appliances yourself. 

Unless there is an unpaid bill, it can be extremely inconvenient if you are left without power for no apparent reason. Do not attempt to determine the reason yourself as any number of faults could be the cause. Electrocare911 are expert emergency electricians and our team will have your power resorted efficiently and effectively.  

Electrical problems are not easily solved with a quick Google search – unless you are looking for a reputable electrician such as Electrocare911! Please do not attempt any DIY electrical installation or problem solving yourself as electricity is not something to be played with. Qualified electricians are skilled, knowledgeable and certified to ensure that your electrical issues are resolved in the safest possible way.

Our team of experts will quickly determine the reason for your electrical issues. They will offer sound, reliable advice on how to fix the problem/s found and will endeavour to have your power restored to normal in the quickest time possible.